St. Paul's offers a Day School program for one- to three-year-olds Monday through Friday. Our program is under the sponsorship of the Children Ministries here at St. Paul's. It is a non-profit school established as a service to the community. The curriculum is based on Christian principles and administered in a religious environment. 

Our teachers provide an atmosphere of love and security in which a child can start to realize his/her full potential. We encourage the use of positive reinforcement; appropriate behavior is praised and encouraged while disruptive behavior is explained and restricted. This method has proven to be effective and non-frightening to the child, so they are able to enjoy their group activities safely. 

The goals of our Day School are to

  • develop Christian attitudes and behavior
  • provide a safe atmosphere of love and security in which a child can realize his/her full potential
  • provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • appreciate and develop individuality in each child while stressing the importance of consideration for others
  • set realistic boundaries and limitations

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Patsy has been a comforting staple around St. Paul's for many years now. She is not only the Director of our Day School but is in the midst of day-to-day teaching and working with the children.

"I am passionate about the exceptional staff we've built here and the wonderful children and their families I've seen come through our program through the years."


The After-school Tutoring program provides care for PK-5th grade students from Sallie Humble and Lexington from 2:45-5:30 (while other students are allowed, they will have to find their own transportation). Students are given a safe, Christian based environment for children to play and learn. 

Children play outside until it is time for the classroom. They are given snacks, waters, and time to play outside. Homework support is from 4-5 with certified teachers.

We are currently full, but please check back regularly for availability.


Christine makes sure our After School is running smoothly and effectively. She oversees the students and makes sure everyone is kept safe and healthy.

"My main goal is to promote a love of God and a love of learning. I am honored to participate in this program and to grow through this experience!"